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Originally Posted by shillard
I dunno what you're smoking, but it must be pretty good stuff!
Chill out, I am sceptic too and personally do not believe that OS4 reach the shelfs this year. I am just giving information for those who ask and seem to know not much about what is going on. BTW, I do not smoke at all

Will OS4 work on my A4000?
Yes, it is even now.

Will it run Millenium 2.2?
Yes, on E-UAE.

Does it address custom chip hardware?
No, it does not.

What makes it an "Amiga" OS? Who will market it - to whom? What is the strategic plan? Who is backing it? Who will push it into retail channels? What's the distribution strategy - for the hardware and/ or software?
Well, I simply can't answer those question. But they are good for another IRC session with Friedens. Would you mind if I asked them?
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