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Originally Posted by killergorilla
I forgot all about this! Too much other business with the site dying and everything else! I've uploaded it now, so check the zone now!

Sorry for the delay.
Thank you!

Oh, and by the way... I have simply forgotten to suggest this earlier (or ask, since I don't know exactly what is the deal on this matter)... are PAL and NTSC games differentiated somehow in their naming (the only case where I have seen this is ArkanoidPALWHD17.lzx)? If not, this could be an idea...

...and, if not many NTSC releases have found their way into these packages, I just have to put a vote in for some being released sometime in the future... it is just so much nicer to run, say, Lemmings in its true NTSC version instead of the PAL version of Lemmings in PAL/50 with the boring black border at the bottom of the screen... or the PAL version, with the NTSC option, which while making the game run in full screen also cuts some of the graphics which haven't been adjusted for the NTSC format (like the screens in the intro and so forth).

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