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Floppy disk Re: Look what Santa brought us!

Originally posted by s4murai
Ermm... but you can't dump copy-protected games with D2F, so you won't even be able to load them up with those programs. Or how did you get Thexder working?
D2F dumps some copy-protected games, but it doesn't dump the copy protection. Last night I dumped Foundations Waste original, and D2F reported a couple of non-standard tracks. I booted the ADF and the game scrolled a message, "Pirated Copy" and played a sound of Vincent Price laughing(!). However, I loaded up ProjectD in WinUAE and ran the Foundations Waste copy-protection removal on the ADF, and presto! it worked! Just like Thexder!

Also, there was a copy of The Halley Project which also dumped with a couple of non-standard tracks. The ADF would only boot up to the credits, then it went black. I suspected this was not a corrupt ADF, just the copy protection code. I discovered a Halley Project crack on Maverick Amiga v5.0 and ran it on the ADF. Presto! It worked!

I haven't tried dumping completely non-standard disks because it just takes too long. I suppose I could try it and see if the same process works using ProjectD or Maverick.
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