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Originally Posted by DanE
No im running a dce typhoon mk 2 68030 cpu with 16mb ram
Im running WHDLoad with a Blizzard 1230 50mhz & 32mb so it should work ok with yours?.. have you tried the Tool type like AmigaZ mentioned ?

If you do get Lionheart working, just one tip. by pressing " I " on the keyboard ( dont include the quotation marks, just the letter only ), it makes the colour in the sky ( the copper ) go into interlace mode so as to make it blend better and look much nicer. When you first start the game its already like this, but on about level 1.2, so level 2 of World 1, its no longer active. So just press " I " on the keyboard to activate it again.

Its only a small thing that ive told you about, but you may find it enhances your enjoyment of the game a bit.

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