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Originally Posted by DamienD
I'm with right you DanE, games that take 30 - 2 hours to complete + LucasArt/Fims series are cool

Games like Captive, even though they are very good, take way too much time and life away

There are so many games to list here, one could take all night. What else is good fun:

... Flashback
... IK+
... It Came From The Desert
... Ivan "Ironman" Stuarts Super Off Road
... Pang
... Panza Kick Boxing
... Super Cars
... The Three Stoogers
... Toki
Now there my kind of games, I love Flashback,ICFTD,Super Cars infact all of them,

I remember when i 1st got flashback, I ordered if from N.F.A i sent some cash to a p.o box somewhere in Hereford i think and about a week later i recieved a package with 4 disks but once i got past the intro screen the amiga would crash so i sent the disks back and it happened again so i sent them back and it happened again, this time i took them to my mates house and it worked perfectly,

Turned out that this cracked version wouldnt work on my A600 and my mate had a 500. untill a newer version came out i had to skip to level 2 and it worked from there.
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