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A tiny bit of Putty Squad "news"...

Hi guys,

since you guys (and me too off cource) want to see a freeware release of Putty Squad, I asked an english friend of mine to give Studio 3 a call. He did and he told me the following (a bit dissapointing):

The guy he talked to said that my english mate possibly could not get hold of the game, but after a little more conversation the guy said that if people show a lot of interest then they might put all their classic games online.

The guy also said that a while ago they already had some of their classic games online. They have taken them off the site again because they said there was too little interest. This seems strange to me, because if they had put the amiga-version of Putty Squad online, then I'm sure there would be enough interest. Somehow I doubt if they had something online...

Anyway, he said that if there really was a lot of interest then people should write e-mails to their main e-mail address (whatever that may be?). I doubt if this will have any effect because I know a lot of people already have sent e-mail to Studio 3 to show their interest in the game and they never got a reply.

My english mate also found out that the programmer of Putty Squad (John Twiddy) still works for Studio 3. He's making some PS2 games now. My mate told me that I might get lucky if I send an e-mail to or
I've sent an e-mail to both addresses and only the fakeemail address bounced, so must be his e-mail address. So far I haven't got a reply yet (seems familliar), but I've sent the mail 3 hours ago, so I hope I get a reaction some day.

Maybe if we all send this Twiddy guy an e-mail, then maybe we have more chance.
I think more phone calls would be more effective, so if you are living in the UK, you might give it a try. The phone number is on their website ( ). Maybe they will get sick of all those calls and put the game online just to keep us silent.

Let's hope we get any response (although I'm a bit scpetive... )


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