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Originally Posted by mailman
Yes, that is a problem and I see your point. Like Marco I don't see it illegal either but law says something different and we can do little to change it.
i expressed myself badly i SEE it illegal, but not immoral.
then everyone do his choice. you can go along Socrate in the Apologia, who, as men live in a system of law that they implicitely accept as a whole, refused the means to subtract himself to capital punishments, while innocent, because the system judged him culpable.
as men do not (can not) live outside society and laws they have to be saved or ruined by them even if they DO NOT agree with them in their particular case, while not agreeing with a law you try to change it through the means law/society itself intends for the renewal.
or else you can go along Protagora (among others) for whom, as there's no absolute thruth, men are legitimate to chose and defend the one more useful to them.
or, the worst act of empiety, even pirate copyrighted amigan software.
really there's more important things to spend time with, in a good sunny day than do the math inside someone'else pockets, moreover if it's megacorporations instead of other people
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