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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie
Take a game like EoB2, which I have the original disks for in Norway. The disks are now likely to have been claimed by DiskRot(c), but I still have them. Would it then be awful of me to download said disks?
Yes, that is a problem and I see your point. Like Marco I don't see it immoral either but law says something different and we can do little to change it. Looking back at your example, those who put those disks on the net, broke the law of illegal distributing and you will break the law either when you download it. In case of burglary and receiver of stolen goods, when buying such stuff you may not be aware that it comes from felony and you may get away from punishment. In case of software it is not likely for you to get away since you know the license and you know that you are not allowed to distribute things that are covered by this licence.

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