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Yeah that's a fair comment.

Coders were just to fucking lazy to do the work, and the software companies were after money for substandard software for the machine.

I remember Sidewinder on the ST being faster than the Amiga version, but as time went by the Amiga showed how much better it was. The ST was a good machine if I was being honest, but it was just graphically piss poor.

The same can be said for PC coders. It's just not hard work anymore to code a PC game as the 3D engines are licensed from Unreal or Quake most of the time.

I'm an old-timer coder who just believes that C++ is a shite language to write a game in, but that's just the way Windows hooks work. Said situation all round really.


I use vector in the sense of what you see in demos, Elite 2 being a good example (although a shite game overall).

I worked on several Archy programs which was all written is basic, and Archy basic ran like shit off a shovel compared to anything on the Amiga. GammaPaint was one I tested and suggested improvements to make it more like Deluxe Paint (so I could draw my stuff in work as well).

We had an archy in the shop window running Zarch, which was like Virus and Conqueror. VERY fast!!

I think we had the 330 in the development section. I personally didn't like using them, but each to their own.
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