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Why is it that CD-R's called Amiga Gold/Arcade Classix/Flashrom/Emulators Unlimited/Giana Trilogy etc etc can continue to be sold on the net and Ebay without any of you guys batting an eyelid, yet there is uproar when one chap advertises single cracked games for sale on Ebay? (as per other current thread).

I know this/these 'Classix' sellers have been active for some time and are maybe old skool (maybe they're your EAB buddies), but I fail to understand the double standards shown from certain members.

Ok to sell CDs with hundreds of game images and roms?, but feeling the need to persecute an individual who chooses to sell singular games is just daft; although I understand that he was quite selective in not stating the games were copies.

Why was it acceptable to pay £2 a disk at the car boot in the early 90's, yet not accpetable now that all pirated games are freely downloadable?

My post is not to upset anybody, nor get anyone into trouble, but just to a provoke your thoughts on this matter.
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