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Originally Posted by andreas
Hey there,

this is due to KillerGorilla, who pointed me to the existence of a 1-disk version of Xenon II (ta bud!). I had the SPS IPF (#2234), but I wasn't aware of that ...

I remember both disks of the 2-disk version to be crammed with data and not a load of free space left on it anymore.
KG reported that the music is *there* on the budget 1-disk original, unlike on the 1-disk cracks from back in the days, i. e. 2 disk versions which had been 1-disked.

So if there was a load of data on both disks, what has fallen victim to deletion then to fit the original (!) game on one disk in its entirety, as on the Power Pack budget release?
FYI 1-disked version uses Rob Northen 12 sector format (vs 11), which gives $200*160 = 80 kbytes more to put data on the disk.
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