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Yes, and i have some hints to give before.

This disk doesn't work on plain A500. This is due to KS 1.3.

it works on A500+, A600, A1200 and A4000 and REQUIRES a Parallel cable MALE to MALE

for transfering. Expect 20 minutes for transfering 2000 files.

I have transfered a hard drive for Thierry Levastre recently using this disk. Works like a charm ^^.

The main goal is Backuping on a Pc doted with Win95/98 to fully transfer
your old amiga hard drive contents to a folder you'll then be able to
use mounted in Winuae.

the second one is the ability to write directly ADFs from PC Hard drive straight
to the DF0: drive with the help of DISKWRITE.

Let me a moment tonight to push it in the zone ok ? ^^
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