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Well, we already asked Vention about this text in the scroller.
Check here :

Roughly, the Vention answer was
This piece of text must be written by someone, who thought he knew a real cool story ...
D.A.N.E. was made in a real great hurry and there was no place left on the disk for other code ...
Strange, isn't it ?
Especially because Vention is actually the coder of the Galemands '93 ...

Beside, the idea of having an hidden part split on 2 different disk is rather hard to beleive.
You have to schedule this several weeks before the demos are actually released.

Desert Dream was released at The Gathering 93, 07/04/1993
D.A.N.E was released at The Computer Crossroads, 29/05/1993

How the hell could they say "See ya in the SECOND hidden part." in Desert Dream, if this second hidden part can only be accessed using a disk relesed 2 month later ???

I hope we will get the real answer, one day...
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