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Floppy disk Look what Santa brought us!

300+ dusty, scratched, peeling Amiga disks. Grabbing a random handful from the box, I discover:

Dungeon Master (original)
Gee Bee Air Rally (original)
Roadwar Europa
Space Quest
Major Motion
Roadwar 2000
Karate Kid Part 2 (original)
Arkanoid (original)
Rising Sun reel 2
Dungeon Master Hints
Star Control disk 2 (original)
Autoduel (original)
Q-Ball (original)
Shanghai (original)
Gold of the Americas (original)
Leatherneck (original)
Paladin (original)
Emperor of the Mines (original)
Globulus (original)
Global Commander (original)

These disks have been in storage a long time. They are very dusty. I'd guess that nearly 1/3 are original disks.

Can anyone recommend how I should dump the originals? I know that DISK2FDI probably won't work. I'm going to try dumping some of the warez disks using DISK2FDI tonight to see if the disks are still working.
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