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Originally Posted by pidarr
Hi guys!
How can i connect two floppy-drives to my mainboard?
I have 2 floppy drives and a double cable. I've tried to connect all to the MoBo but only 1 floppy drive is detected....
What i have to do? Configure the MoBo settings?
Please help me...
Check your bios settings. (floppy drives are not autodetected).

But note that most newer chipsets don't have B-floppy drive support. It is possible very latest MBs with separate "legacy" chip for floppy,parallel,serial etc have support for 2 drives. (for example Intel ICH8 southbridge does not support any legacy io, not even parallel ATA..)

...this is the cable, is it the right one?
Yes (just ignore those obsolete weird looking connectors)
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