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the 7A chipset will have the customchips Kylie (Sound), Britney (memory/blitter/copper) and Madonna (Gfx) andthen there'll be a new custom 3Dchip called Milla.

The expansion ports (which should be called ZorroXI) Will now be called "Batman" instead, due to their mysterious way of managing to install cards by themselves and do it in the shadows.

Software shipped with the A7-based AmigaG3 (Generation 3) will include an updated version of AmigaBASIC by MicroSoft, now able to do even LESS on MORE POWERFUL computer than ever before, before it crashes.Also shipped with the new OS, is EdEd, a texteditor which lets you write sourcecode for useless texteditors, and very little else.

New OS features: Upon poweron, the A7 chipset will hack MicroSoft's Linuxservers and format them using "Format Drive MicroSoft: Name Dumbarse NSFS" NSFS is short for "No Shit on this FileSystem" and prevents any program made by MicroSoft from EVER being copied/installed onto the HD ever again.
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