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SAS C - Can't install patches

Hi, trying to install SASc 6.5x on WinUAE hardfile under KS/WB3.1

I have the 6.50 adfs and 2 different downloads of the patch lhas to 6.58.

The original install to harddisk/file appears to work without a hitch and I have added the assigns to user-startup but the 6.55 patch install always fails with the following log -

******* Installation Log *******
User Level: EXPERT
Pretend: No

>Choose where the 6.55 patch should be applied.
Ask Choice: User selected "Hard Disk".
COPYFILES: Problem with source file/drawer in line 25.
Error not Trapped!!!
The 6.50 disks fail to install to floppy with a similar message.
I can make the 6.55 patch floppies but they fail with the same message. Could I have dodgy images or archives or am I doing something wrong. I just unlha to ram: and run the patcher. Thanks for reading.
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