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Amiga Image Storage System 3.1 available

AISS 3.1, a system to store, access and maintain toolbar images under AmigaOS, is available on the AISS section of the Masonicons homepage.

  • more than 400 image sets (over 1400 single pictures)
  • 24 bit PNG images with 8 bit alpha channel
  • large documentation HTML format
  • printable PDF preview of the images
New in this version:
  • new and reworked images
  • small listview images (16x16)
  • archive and script to update AISS
There is also an update archive (just the new images but no documentation and 'system') available.

The Powericons system is recommended for AISS3.x. If you still prefer Coloricons please use the special installation script in the 'Glowicons' drawer of the archive (untested).

For further informations about AISS visit the Masonicons homepage ( or join the Masonicons newsletter.

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