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Finally a 3D Mech game on my Miggy - kind of. :)

Since I first played Ralp Reed's great game Mech Force

I have wanted a 3D Mech game to play on my Amiga. Well, it never happened, until now..... (kind of).

I decided to try out PC-Task (the pc emulator) on my Miggy,
and then discovered that the original Mechwarrior game by Dynamix was available for legal download from the under-dogs site. I had to fiddle around a bit getting it to work, as well as receiving some useful advice, but finally, the game is up and running, and at a respectable rate.

It certainly runs faster than Arctic Fox, also by Dynamix, did, and that was in Amiga native code. And this has got 85 ton Mechs in it! The sound is pretty poor, and I have to use the keyboard as I haven't figured out how to make the mouse work yet, but it seems like a genuinely immersive game, with some interesting features like giving orders to your own lance of Mechs (once you can afford the Mechs and have recruited the pilots). I'm still struggling to make effective use of the Jump jets in one-on-one actions in my light Mech (Jenner) but I'm sure I'll get the
hang of it.

Anyway, if anybody is interested in giving it a go, I can provide the hardfile if that helps. Also if anybody has advice on further tweaking
PC-Task for even more speed, I'd be keen to hear. I'd like to try some other games that never appreared on the Amiga.
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