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Originally Posted by keropi
pics look a lot like a non-working , just-for-show piece of hardware. I don't mean to be negative , but they look fishy.
100% agreed.

It's somewhat unfortunate. Because even if they could pull it off hardwarewise, coming up with the license, that Amiga Inc already clearly stated it won't give them, and all other problems, were already bad enough.

The board looks done by amateurs. It probably is. I'm sure they tried their best, and perhaps they can still limp along on it, even unlicensed borderline ilegal harwdware would be a progress at this point, if it works.

The lack of AGP, only having two PCI slots is horrible, almost crippling. One goes for GFX board and then the MB only has one slot left... wtf? Things like it only having SDram is bad enough, since it's a deprecated, now expensive solution
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