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Originally posted by Korodny

Didn't want to talk you into buying an AmigaPPC - from my point of view, you guys were lost to
the dark side a looong time ago

Well, I can respect your view. But I would rather march to the beat of a different drummer than be a sheep any day. In addition to not liking the same inane gaming that the general public does, I also listen to better music than Britney/Destiny's Child/Snoop, I prefer good films to brain-dead blockbusters by Roland Emerich, and I watch neither MTV nor Survivor shows on the tube. I would rather die than to live my life only liking what is popular.

I think being on the enlightened side is a more appropriate term than 'dark' side. I wanted to like Amiga PPC because it is, after all, an Amiga. But it seems all that power is only good for apps and PC-style games. Shame, really. Forced back to the old school (and loving it!)
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