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From what I have seen once a company has been sold 3-4 times in a short period the older documents and software tend to get lost. While I am sure the source code for OS 3.1 is probably around, I would think the documentation of the older hardware and older OS is probably stuffed in a box at a previous owners wearhouse waiting for the trash bin.

Some well known people can raise money for a company even without a business plan (Woz of Apple II fame is one of them), the poeple who own Amiga now are nobodies so nobody will loan them a dime without one hell of a business plan.

I hope once Amiga Inc goes bankrupt somebody could but the patents and documentation for the A1200/4000 extremely cheap ($100K) and make a PCI card for an x86 system that the rest of us could use. Even this would probably not be worth it econically.
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