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according to the members list of this venerable assembly, we're about 900 lost souls !! soit divide 20millions by 900 and you get about an average of 22,000 by persons...let's say the amiga community is at large 5 times the members list of this forum still means that the average donation would have to be 4400...let's forget about it! even if amiga inc is willing to sell only stuff of interest to us at 1m (i can't honestly think about anything below this level)...we need average 220 by user...i think even amiga inc knows that this copyright stuff is well overrated given the potential demand for it!! from a pure technical point of view, i would say it's worth it AS AN AMIGA FAN...but i don't think anyone is really willing to buy the asset at the accounting book there's no market for it (best bid and best offer will never match!)
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