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So, basicly...... what needs to be done is:

1: Raise money (if we got everyone in UK to donate £1, we would have close to £60mill, right?

2: Buy just about everything that was under C= in Feb. 1993. (Which includes, c64, c128, Amiga, production machinery, etc)

3: Get hold of some some visionaries (It's the Amiga, the userbase KNOWS what it want, so this shouldn't be a huge problem)

4: Employ Tony :look (What? his a damn fine coder, he's brought us WinUAE :P )

5: Make OS1 through 3.9 opensource so real oldschoolers can have something to play with

6: make some nice new hardware that'll make Intelbased compies look like what they are, expensive heaters.

7: get software companies to make/port their software to the new computer/OS.

8: Sue MicroSoft for bullying companies into NOT making software for our computer.

9: When MicroSoft seems to be loosing the courtbattle against us, make them either pay us £ OR release every piece of their sourcecode to us.

10: Release the newly aquired Windows sourcecode into public domain
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