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Gateway never had Commodore, after Escom died i think Dutch company (Tulip Computers or so) bought rights and name. IIRC 25million USD was first sum paid by Escom for Commodore and Amiga. I can't remember how much Gateway paid for Amiga brand/IP/patents, but anyway - the price can be only what company is worth - and today it's close to nothing

The main problem in my cunning plan (apart from finding few million $ ) is the unknown zone of what Gateway owns now ? And how much is Amiga Inc standalone company (not being tied with legal s**t).

Would be enough to just buy Amiga Inc, and to get ownership on Amiga OS 1-3.x, Amiga classic hardware, future development.... etc...

There has been a rumor that Gateway intended to develop Amiga OS for x86 machines but M$ gave them big "no-no" and threatened them to brake Windows OEM contract with GW. If this contract is still valid, and GW is owner of Amiga OS classic or some part of it - then it would be a mess to solve (and would cost a lot of money)...
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