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I see your point. But you'll have to understand that nobody still uses an Amiga because of the
games. There are very few new titles released and a PC+UAE is much more suitable for playing old
titles than my expanded A1200. We're not a bunch of retro-gamers, we're just normal desktop

Personally, I'm sick of that 3D stuff aswell. But that's what the majority of people wants, both
on the PC and on the Amiga. So that's what they'll get.

The custom chips were great stuff 8-10 years ago, but nowadays everybody wants to get rid of
them as soon as possible. Remember, most of us are running 8-10 year old motherboards, if my
A1200 mobo (which basically acts as a keyboard and mouse interface, the rest is handled by
addons) dies, I'll have to pay a fortune to get it repaired.

I'm not very familiar with the 2D capabilities of a modern graphics card, but when the sources
for 'Abuse' (which is basically a 2D platformer) were released and the game got ported to the
Amiga, it had insane requirements, given the fact that stuff like Turrican or Traps 'n Treasures
runs on a unexpanded A500. I'm afraid the days of "small" are definately over :-/


Didn't want to talk you into buying an AmigaPPC - from my point of view, you guys were lost to
the dark side a looong time ago
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