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I might as well have my 2 bob-worth. I am from sydney also, and having leeched most of the stuff I have from the Cydonia BBS's and also what was then MidnightCaller BBS (I think). I used to go by the alias of EpL for those of you who may recal ?

I managed to get about 5 cd'd worth of stuff which I still reguard as being worth more than gold. I have always been a fan of the Amiga, and having just moved house, I have re-found all my stashed away treasures, like.... approx 2000+ floppy's, 2xA600's, 2x1200's, 2x2000's (both 1200's have 1240/40 and 1x200 has a 30/40 installed), and not to mention the boxes of harware for them. So as you may have noticed, having only joined this channel a few days ago, I have the amiga bug again..... trying to get those babies up and running again.... 1200's are ok. 1 of the 2000's is ok and the other no longer blinks an eye-lid. must be the battery as it has leaked.

Anyhow, that's it for me for the mo.
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