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I think that Amiga community is too naive with that "open hearted approach". Current Amiga Inc. owners are in it just for the money, they don't give a dime for Amiga community, for Amiga in first place... I mean - turning A LEGEND into a slot machine ??? That IS so cheap This 25Q&A session was initiated by, not Amiga Inc and I really doubt McEwen would care to send a single email to Amiga community.

@Zetr0: Amiga Inc. can't possibly cost 20million, that is way too much for a company that has no assets, no usable patents, no production, no sales and no vision. Seems to me like they are just sitting there waiting to sue someone for a load of money for IP/Licence misuse I asked few banks for 'project loans' and didn't receive NO answer, and I asked for just 5million euros so... if Amiga Inc. is for sale, and price is 1-2 million, we could make a deal
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