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Just played the first three missions of the campaign. All in all I can say its a nice game, but I still think the 3D-view gets in the way more than it helps.
I only know settlers 1 & 3, so I cant tell how close to S2 the remake is, but in comparison to S1 there are a few annoying things.
First maps are huge, I mean HUGE, it takes alot of time till you get near the enemy and to keep production up you basically have to drag wood/stone production along the way to get rid of trees & stones which wont allow efficient infrastructure&roads (Those farms take massive space). The game feels alot "slower" than S1 because of that.
Using ships to start a new colony somewhere the game is dragging.
If you remove roads/building you loose all goods they might contain, quite sucks as you will be realigning your roads a few times during/after de-foresting.
No simple command to get your high-ranking soldiers to the front, and replacing them with noobs so they can advance.
you cant tell the tools-smith to produce "2" pickaxes next because you need them, instead you can tell him to produce nothing but pickaxes - hope you dont get distracted/forget about it and find out latter you have 30 of them spare. Happens all the time to me

Those are the most annoying things IMHO, in short I would`ve prefered a S1-remake
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