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in truth amiga inc is more concerned with protecting an ever-wearing-thin IP wright than actualy providing for the community that its based upon.

not all that is AMIGA is AMIGA.. and that one goes out to amiga inc.

the irony would be that the original amiga os was unix based infact i believe that some of it was unix propriety based. i wonder if thats now open source hmmm?

quite simply the reason amiga inc wont allow anything in the public domain is they would lose the monopoly of all the software that runs on it. everything that we as a community have created from applications, programs, games music you name it...

we as a community are pretty much syphoned by amiga inc which has of yet to actualy PRODUCE ANYTHING, this IP touting corperation is attempting and actualy in areas making money from us that are producing for the amiga that is now 10years past its sell by date.

indeed its a sick sick world.....
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