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personally i really don't care about a new amiga os on powerful machines...i think that explosion of machines abilities have also killed what made the amiga so special : the perfect compromise between power and a 10yr old kid back in the eighties, i enjoyed amiga because it gave me all the power i was able to handle : intuitive os, easy programming, great music composer, sampling tools, great creative games, good animation and drawing tools, demo makers, 3d construction kit universe, accessible simulators....this was the perfect creating machine !

nowadays powerful machines are not sized for creation : object languages killed the sequential essence of programming and its hardlink with hardware, music trackers are way too complex and mainly techno oriented, games are boring and non creative, tools in general are way too professional...what is a kid looking for switching his computer on ? violent pure nonsense games, great rendering clueless games, internet shit to compensate for his laziness, cheap music and movies...

so what i liked about the interview is the fact that classic hardware budget versions loaded with old games are on track to come back!!! that i'm interested in!! because ebay becomes unaffordable and chips will die sooner or later!
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