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Ya' like it Retr0?
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you know I know they would bottle the real questions!

after Q/A13 i was getting sick of the smell and had to stop for a break... more and more corperate bullsh*t smelling bollocks and all those slobbering fanboy's at will probly eat it up.

I share some of your plain, but please understand to have hope, optimisim even idealism you must have something to go on... unfortunately not every one can survive with just dreams .

clearly the delaware are trying to use/enforce the buyback clause put in by the amino company of investment. to get OS4 cheap (well cheaper than having to really pay for developing it).

Clearly WONT open source ANYTHING this has been made clear with thier lawyers looking for anything that infringes their IP rights. with that theres an irony with the number of hands that have held the IP rights it might as well of been in the public domain!

from what i can read, there engineering OS5 to negate the OS4 / hyperion issue with the legal proceedings (imma thinking dont have a leg to stand on other wise they would sued them by now) soo we can all PAY for the AMIGAanywere experience on crap we dont realy want...

all we want is an open platform of developement whats wrong with that,.,.. why oh fucking why do they insist on proprietary PPC base crap? how much does it cost for a bloddy x86 solution... !??!? compare that to a G3/4 solution... pies and fingers people.... i hope they choke on'em

i may post more.... its just a little upsetting
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