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Originally Posted by freddix
err... sorry but he give no information about CVN/VMP files... only a snap that explain that SSI and other engine are differents...
in resume:

There are 3 VCN formats:
- ECS 32 colors (but 16 used)
- VGA EOB1&2 32 colors (16 colors backround/16 colors wall sets)
-VGA LandOfLores 128 colors

1 VMP format for EOB1/EOB2/LandOfLore:
Same struct (except its packed fro some version and some WORDS have Hight/Low bytes swaped)

VCN is Block8*8 GFX list (Chunky GFX on PC/5 Bitmap son amiga)
if you view VCN file with UnCPS-AGA its the 2 first screens

VMP is a 'plan'/'MAP' to build 1 Background and different wallsets (nb can be different)
(last displayed Screens on UnCPS-AGA=> third screen and next ones )
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