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Unfortunately the overall overview from the answers leads one to think AOS4.0 is dead on the water, Troika ironically being touted as the best hope for new hardware has no licensing nor is even apt for discussion level with Amiga Inc, and that even though an AOS5.0 (even a 6.0!) is spoken of nobody knows anything about it and as far as jurisprudence on the matter goes it could even be total softvapourware.

After these answers AROS looks more and more as the only palpable solution.

Much of the answers were enshrouded in business speak, obfuscating non-answers, and when they were clear they conveyed gloomy perspectives for both Hyperion's OS4.0 and Troikas Amy'05 - Up until yesterday pointed as the only and best solutions.

There pretty clearly are legal problems with Hyperion, and none of this looks good at all for them. It seemed to me as though Amiga Inc. is looking to run through Hyperion. Not to mention the now cleanly mentioned un-Licensed Troika's Amy'05.

Even more uncanny, while Hyperion reps claim to have never received cash from Amiga Inc. Bill clearly states that they did. Licensing and legal connundrums seem to be going about, and this does not look good, at all.
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