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well as i see it there are diverse possible scenary:
1) the tools to modify [to different extent] the content of the games are released by differnt peoples with different courses: in this case the modifications on the content will be done indipendently by different people with no cohordinations, different results in quality etc.
from a user perspective this means mostly that there will be content not vastly tested or not at the same standard as commercial games.
2) we cohordinate the tools to be produced, as someone has suggested some time ago already, we choordinate also with the eobwiki people what's needed to do what.
thenwe decide the course for the modifications: should it be an enanchment of the graphics or a total conversion. then we give out tasks to the different parts of the actual modifications and finally we test the results.
consider that while this way don't excludes the other, it has also the pro that the community will perceive the result as more as the baby of a community. AGF was born for that after all...

however, on my part i was of the mind of letting CFOU finish is work and waiting for some tool for PC asthat's the platform i use to do the graphics that i will then import to amiga...

i'm interested on what you guys think, if you want a chat, i'll be in IRC in 10 minutes
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