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I largely agree with your sentiment...

If it's 68k you're interested in, fine, invest in a classic Amiga, or get a copy of Amithlon - if you can find one! Failing that (Win)UAE is great.

The future..?
AROS is the only real possibility, sadly all the alternates seem now to be failed opportunities - victims of the seemingly endless C= & Amiga curse.
For those who invested in AOS4 & MorphOS - lucky you - I genuinely hope you get many years of use/enjoyment, but I can't help feeling they are now sadly dead-ends...

For myself I hope AROS gets to the point of being a usable general OS before its momentum runs out. ( pref with an integrated 68k emu ) If there were some useful distro's available it would make an interesting alternate to Linux - For those who appreciate AmigaOS & have no use for all the baggage Linux brings to the home user.
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