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Let try google translate

Originally Posted by pbareges via
whore Bertrand it is not possible!! how a lawyer can be able to code… Ca exceeds me completely!! if you are able to code, therefore to reflect a could you lie choose to make right? it is necessary to be completely hammer, certainly zinzin and fundamentally sadomasochistic!! I imagine that you had Amiga being young at the end of the Eighties. .je do not include/understand how… it is really unbearable like idea!

unless….your only redemption would be to have chosen the way more adapted to make a max of cash without too much breaking the head to be able to devote itself freely has your true passion….is this the solution with this break-in head? nevertheless how could you stuff you these insane with students of right during 4 years? not too hard of cotoyer of the middle-class men obsessed by the golf, their holidays with the ski and the sea, their country house? to take part in pestilential evenings of vice where the future women mom of these Sirs are comparable with whores? … good I stop because I skid….

if not you nevertheless repurchased yourself well!! your job is quite simply incredible….thank you very much!

---a hacking message from FRAB (the french resistance amiga board)----
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