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I'd wish every competent programmer out there who shares a love for the Amiga would cooperate with

It's currently the only light at the end of the tunnel i see. The only option who isn't marred by sickening legal disputes and corporate fraudsters.

They are well organized and have bounties for certain programming jobs. Unfortunately they lack programmers. Lack of programmers means slow progress, and slow progress means slower contributions to the money bounties, which in turn leads to... even slower progress.

I think because unfortunately either people aren't informed, or who are just plain dupped by the ever changing so called corporate saviours of the Amiga, all work and efforts get shifted into failed projects.

At this point most people cooperate with an "AmigaOne" that doesn't exist, and an "Amiga OS4" that has no hardware to exist on and no legal license to exist anywhere else.

In the meanwhile, the only light at the end of the tunnel, AROS, gets no support from the community's programmers. What's worse, most programmers that leave Amiga Inc's "Amiga One" and other projects connected to it such as even the Amithlon\Umiliator, leave for good, out of the Amiga platform, instead of joining the only light out there at the end of it all, most times, just out of psychologic exhaustion.

I'm not a particular fan of Open-Source, and, yet, it's pretty clear, to me, this is the only possible way into which the Amiga spirit might survive, in portable code, open-contributed, and available in majority hardware platforms such as x86.
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