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Originally Posted by freddix
CFOU: do you think it's technically possible to create an enhanced graphic version of EOB1 & EOB2 ?
of course ...

with UNcps-AGA you can unpack/pack CPS files

here the process for gfx update:
1)Save your 320-200*8 picture in RAW format in PPaint (named by example 'MyPicture.RAW')
2) convert raw chunky data in planar typing:
(and select 'MyPicture.RAW', 'MyPicture.Chunky' file is save)
3) compact you CHUNKY datas using CPS format typing:
(And select 'MyPicture.chunky', 'MyPicture.CPS' file is save)
4) replace you new CPS file by old
but WARNING!! don't use color 224 to 239 which are reserved for sprite items (when you take an item), this color are purple in EOB1 main game palette

MORE over after EOB2 AGA conversion I will start an AUTOMAP update for EOB1&2

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