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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
from the end of your post: the last time i saw EoB PC version published, it was by Interplay for TSR. o think that means, to some extent, Wizard of The Coast, but, commercial rights are something almost volatile as the flu.

you are a lawyer AND a coder? ok i am amazed now

lastly as i said, the solution you propose is very good to me. i was against the other possibilities and discussing them.
about the 20 $ , that's the same amount for Whdload. i would say that from 10 to 15 would be more equilibrate if you want more people to get it, i would pay the 20 tough for a tool that i've waited for so much time. my only con about it as i said it that is only a part of what is needed for a complete editor suite.
indeed, is difficuly to have a good answer about commercial right but the better way is perhaps ask directly to EA LOS ANGELES ( which seems to have buy and liquided westwood studios...

yes, i am lawyer (official) & coder (by passion) it'w a curious mix !!!
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