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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
technically it would be like the various custom workbenchs, which are free. (the last time i checked them). it's better that a law man answers as i have not the knowledge to. what i can say is that to me it would bug me pretty much the same:
i'am law man/lawyer , so you understand that all my times contributon at this project makes to me lost money !!!! (generaly time is money for a lawyer
so i am a foul lawyer )

but it's interesting to have your opinion. in fact, there are 2 laws to see my own law about author's rights and international laws about it.

I know french law but must do investigations for international laws...

If you are interesting, i can done the reserch and to give you (with my bad english) more explain, after some days, about it....

The unknown part, it 's who has got french & international rights for EOB games...
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