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Originally Posted by freddix
you can add "Donation" mode on

I think that for legal issues, you may extract your changes from the original game and create as a patch, the changes that make the game playable using AGA, also add a free link to DL/ the resources.
You own your source code changes so... the registration can be linked to that. not ?
all EOB1 &2 source codes of course will be free , i planed to join them to final package (without westwoodtool.library sources)

But for final package in me opinion, if i want to upload it on aminet, i must use only an installer (extracting datas of PAK PC files by example and adding sound/music files and 2 modified files (blue item of detect magic))

What is your optinion about it?

ps: i am waiting the billion dollars of anonimious guy who has voted for that

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