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Originally Posted by freddix
you can add "Donation" mode on

I think that for legal issues, you may extract your changes from the original game and create as a patch, the changes that make the game playable using AGA, also add a free link to DL/ the resources.
You own your source code changes so... the registration can be linked to that. not ?
technically it would be like the various custom workbenchs, which are free. (the last time i checked them). it's better that a law man answers as i have not the knowledge to. what i can say is that to me it would bug me pretty much the same:
let's say producer A sell his original product on wich he has authorial rights; then it comes B that sells and distributes an implant that is specifically built for that product and modify its substance.
really i don't know if it's ok or not, probably there are lots of dynamics just lke this in life, and they are legit.
i stay in favour of the westwoodtool registration only. that said, i guess that from all the work done in these months, other tools for modifications are coming, like (if ever )zetr0 editors; Jackasser mentioned he wanted to do a conversion of the same westwoodtool for PC etc so probably it's better if all of them guys talk it out a little and decide a common plan.
however, again, CFOU is an ok dude in my book and i'll support the westwoodtool.
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