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Without reading... (only the title) I definently think people should charge a small amount of money to play play these games you are redoing... even though they are from the PC version and the gfx is not yours and stuff...

Because it will encourage you to do future stuff for the Amiga, which is quite rate when it comes to games. I would like to see Dune 2 on PC be ported to Amiga... ported or what ever you do ... hopefully the music too if that's possible, as the music on PC is probably midi... music makes a game alot better, and the Amiga version doesn't have more than a vocal sound, like aaahhhhhhhhhhh..... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... booooring....

Anyway.. keep up the good work mate!

edit.... I'm not interested in EOB.. not my taste of game.... but what you are doing is great..
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