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just a little more as i hate, nay LOATH anything that tries to be *private* and technically flouts International LAW

domains by proxy.
( yeah its been arround a while... but i rediscovered it in conjunction with the above link from tar... heres some info on it.... you might find interesting, atleast thought provoking....)

heres some blog from front page.
The law requires that the personal information you provide with every
domain you register be made public in the "WHOIS" database. Your
identity becomes instantly available - and vulnerable - to spammers,
scammers, prying eyes and worse.

But now there's a solution: Domains By Proxy!
---- (this unsettles me)

heres some of the reasons given by the site.

A private registration will:

1• Stop domain-related spam.
2• Deter identity theft and fraud.
3• Stop harassers, stalkers and data miners cold in their tracks!
4• Protect your "moonlighting" identity.
5• Maintain the privacy of you and your family.

okay, so arguments 1,2,3,5 are all valid reasons, however i soooo have an issue with argument 4.. why would an Official Commodore Site require require that its (moonlighting) activities kept private?

is it afraid the taxman / bankrupted debitors might come back for it again???

anyways deffinately worthy of though...
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