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Sorry, bad choice of words. I never meant to imply that you were calling me a liar, I just trying to make a point that I had no reason to defend the ST as I'm an Amiga man through and through!

And yes you're right, I meant polygon AND vector games.


I appreciate what your saying and I agree with you - I was just trying to quickly explain my original statement why 3D games were faster on the ST.

In more detail:

Many Amiga titles were converted UP from the Atari ST versions - meaning they used 16-color graphics modes with 512-color palettes. Certain games originally written for the ST, particularly 3D polygon (and a few role-playing games), performed VERY poorly on the Amiga because they were written with the ST's FASTER CPU in mind, and simply recompiled with a few small tweaks to make them Amiga-compatible. Moving these games to a slower CPU saw ~11% speed decreases.

Linking with what you said, they might have been great 3D games if the developers had added blitter support, but unfortunately they never quite made it.

Overall I think we got our wires crossed. I was trying to say purely on a software front, that ST 3D games released back then were faster and the only example of ST superiority . You on the other hand rightly explained that the Amiga could have been faster looking at the hardware on the two machines.

Hope we’ve cleared things up!
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