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That's a good point. I don't like PC games anyway because they all look like...PC games. So I don't think I'd like that kind of game on the Amiga (any Amiga). But if I did like that narrow game style, I think I would probably play them on a PC that I already have, rather than all of the muss and fuss to get a modern-day Amiga to play the same kind of game.

If all that is being done with PPC Amigas (game wise) is cloning or porting PC games, then I'm afraid I have no use for it. To say nothing of the expense. I always thought of Amiga games as having something special and better than the competition, but if the games are just running with the pack like they already are on the PC, well then I can't be bothered. The mentality these days seems to be that the only games that can be cool are 3D. (sigh)
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