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All PC TV outputs will be interlaced regardless of the WinUAE screen resolution. This will result in some flickering / fuzzing of the picture even with a good flicker fixer in the TV output stage of your gfx card. Enabling vsync in WinUAE might help (if it really was the vsync of the TV out) but it would still be noticable.

Amiga non interlaced screens will be single field and be rock solid.

The difference will be quite noticable.

If it were possible to correctly program the TV card and force non-interlaced output, and VSYNC worked as you would expect then it would be MUCH harder to "spot the difference".

The fact that no-one has done this for the XBOX1 emulators just shows how difficult this low-level programming is and how little information there is about the registers in TV encoders.

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