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It really depends on how much RAM / hard drive space you have.

If you have 2Mbyte chip RAM and no hard drive then a hardware KS switcher is recommended.

If you have 2Mbyte chip, 4+ Mbyte fast and a hard drive, the best thing is to use WHDload installed slaves off your hard drive instead of floppy disks.

I personally found most games that dont work on the A1200/A4000 with Relokick are ALSO dont work with a hardware kickstart switcher.

The reason is that you have the AGA chipset rather than OCS/ECS the game was programmed for and CPU caches which dont work with Self Modifying Code.

Save your money. Use WHDload where you can, where you cannot use a software degrader tool which switches off caches, remaps kickstart 1.3 and switches to OCS.

I am not sure what is the best "Degrader" software anymore.

Remember that your hard drive will not be available once you boot to 1.3 if it is an internal IDE or PCMCIA.
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