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Originally Posted by adolescent
Demos: did you miss ASM06, where an Amiga AGA demo won the entire competition beating everything from C64 to PC.

Software: ever bother to check Aminet, lots of new software there every day.

Hardware: that too, look at what E3B, Individual, Elbox, etc. are doing.

Just because you're oblivous to this doesn't mean it isn't happening.
Although it's great that people still make stuff for the Amiga (me included) it doesn't change the fact it's dead. People still make stuff for the likes of the C64 and Spectrum, but they are still dead machines.

They are also more vibrant than the Amiga community (and by Amiga I mean the "classic" models, not that soulless PPC/OS4 nonsense - how much stuff on Aminet is for classic Amigas?). You can also download the Spectrum, Amstrad etc. ROMs/OSs legally, as well as most other computers. Is that a conicidence? I think not. If the Kickstart ROMs were legally and easily available to download, we may see more people taking an interest in the Amiga, and that could only be a good thing. What is there to gain from selling ROMs that are nearly 20 years old in some cases?

Companies and individuals trying to rip people off by selling other people's hard work from two decades ago for stupid prices are scum, and are harming the community in a big way (you know what I'm referring to here).

The Amiga's (commercially) dead. It ain't coming back. Get over it.
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